IT Mobility For a Global Tourism Giant


Following an extended period of consulting to KATO, working closely with the internal team and gaining a deep understanding of their requirements, We were engaged for the design, development and migration of the main KATO website and numerous sub-sites, onto the web system platform.


With the desire to promote the brand in a more interactive way through its online presence, the Kenya Association of Tour Operators (KATO) made the decision to re-work its existing IT systems with an aim to revolutionize the way KATO engages with its members online. With an ever-increasing membership and in a fast-paced digital world, KATO needed new and better ways to engage with its membership by automating the most relevant procedures in the process enabling their members even further through the various modules that were to be developed.


In developing the solution, We built a distribution for KATO – a pre-configured version of their web system that is able to be used across their network of sites is easily reconfigured to allow for customizations, and boasts rich search capability across all sub-sites. We helped the KATO team in becoming self-sufficient in terms of managing their sites, working closely alongside their internal team to assist them in becoming much more educated about web systems, becoming efficient in the use of the distribution, and also with the ongoing management, maintenance and hosting of their numerous sites. They now have a collection of integrated, content-managed websites that are the central hub for sharing and transferring knowledge generated by the organization.

The Results

Hosted internally, the new KATO we system was successfully launched in mid-2021, the new distribution is now implemented as their current operational website.